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We provide a genuine product experience that’s even better online than offline

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Robonauts Pictures is a leader in E‑commerce product content production.

We produce high-quality and consistent product content.

We are highly specialized in the creation of E‑commerce content for various product types and categories. Our dedicated setup and workflow allow us to save time and achieve quality results in the production of content for thousands of SKUs every year.

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In our complex times, marketers face the challenge of high‑quality, diversified user-generated product content published through various media services. This content causes migration from the original E‑commerce platform, increases bounce rate and presents products in an uncontrolled way.

The First Moment of Truth has also become a challenge in the online world. In the always growing E‑commerce market, consumers often don’t have physical contact with a product before purchase. The way a product is presented can either boost consumer engagement or risk breaking the path of conversion.

At Robonauts we respond to this trend by using consumer insights and cognitive analysis powered by our unique methodology, RealFeel.

This state-of-the art E‑commerce solution provides genuine product experience, making the consumers’ relation with your product even better online then in the offline world. Our unique format E‑Commerce First Moment of Truth Videos (eFMOT Video) gives you a chance to transfer the interaction with a product from the offline shelf into the digital world and deliver the real power of E‑commerce growth.

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E‑commerce RealFeel™

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RealFeel is the unique methodology that powers Robonauts.

This state‑of‑the art E‑commerce solution provides the answer to the challenges that come with a lack of physical contact online.

This approach keeps our processes budget optimized, standardized, scalable, and applicable for all product categories and client budgets.

Golden rules:

Use 360 or spherical shooting to demonstrate the entire product.
Show the product "in hand" (if relevant).
Use macro frames and show the granularity of a product.
Show the key physical characteristics of a product in macro motion: structure, liquids, sprays, etc.
Use unboxing photo & video shoots to demonstrate how a product is unpacked.
Demonstrate and visualize the key features of a product - use slow motion if relevant.
Use the appropriate movement of a model's hand to transmit: material structure, elasticity, high quality of finishing elements etc.
Visualize smell and taste in a figurative way, using all the above techniques.

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We produce high-quality product content of all types, including product videos, primary & secondary images, creative packshots, and 360 images.

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Standardized process

Initial deep strategic research enables us to apply the most relevant and creative techniques. These let us present your product in the most appealing and immersive way, while keeping costs on an effective level.

The methodology consists of several stages:

Consumer insights and cognitive analysis of your product portfolio.
Recommendation of how to use RealFeel™ methodology.
Alignment with brand equity requirements.
Preparation of a creative concept and storyboard.
Production of general master.
Adaptation of the master per product categories, subcategories and lines.
Standardized content production on SKU level.
Market adaptation and localization.

We believe that standardization of the production process helps achieve cost efficiency and visual consistency across brands and categories. Our workflow is structuralized, while product content mastering and categorization are key elements of the process.

Optimized production and adaptation workflow Optimized production and adaptation workflow
A young woman's hands typing on a keyboard, copy in foreground: Fully remote.

International and local clients

Fully remote

Remote work and use of online tools are a standard
for us. We deliver seamless remote project management working with various local and international clients.

Brand New Galaxy

We are a part of Brand New Galaxy

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We are a part of
Brand New Galaxy, a global marketing & technology
platform purpose-built to
drive commerce for brands

Brand New Galaxy is a global mark-tech enterprise build to drive Commerce for brands: over 600 specialists, 27 native languages, offices in Warsaw, Poznan, Seattle and Dubai.

BNG delivers growth by utilising its unique digital solutions and global network of companies specialised in E-commerce, Creative & Content Production and Automation & Performance Improvement.

We are one of the fastest growing holding companies focused on an E‑commerce-centric approach.

We work for both SMB and Fortune 500 Clients, including:
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